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Wildlife, Marine and Botanical Photography

Camera Adaptions used for Wildlife Photography

The Canon EOS 550D DSLR
with the following lens, the Sigma 150mm EX DG Macro is quite a heavy setup, especially if you suffer from camera shake or disability, in my case CFS/ME.

The attachment seen in the image is mounted on the tripod mount of the lens, this greatly improves stability in hand holding. It can also be held or rested against the chest for increased support, leaving a hand free for holding subjects.

Attachment lens mounted

Attachment camera mounted

Attachment used as a tripod

The attachment is the head of an old tripod bought from a charity shop for £1, with additional grip.

David Fenwick Disability Camera Shake Cheap Adaptions and Add-ons
The tripod head has a fixed platform, the additional grip was found on an old fishing net. For carrying the camera and lens above I've adulterated a Mothercare baby harness and turned it into something of a ''deluxe'' camera harness, which carries up to 2 DSLR's. It also has a front pocket for a compact camera. I also have an option for putting small carry bags on the waste straps for filters etc.. I often get asked where I bought the harness, it was actually bought at a car boot sale for £2. The padded baby's pillow now forms the pocket for my compact; the male clips off the cradle are now on the camera straps, they simply attach to the female clips on the harness. It takes all the weight off my neck, although I still have the straps loose round my neck for obvious reasons. So for the pricey sum of £3 I've a very useful and versatile setup that helps me stay in the field as long as I feel able. All I need now is my own personal golf buggy although I doubt I'll find one in a charity shop.