David Fenwick

Wildlife, Marine and Botanical Photography

Cameras and Lenses used for Wildlife Photography

Canon 5D MkII and 550D
with the following lenses -
1/ Sigma 150mm EX DG Macro (Saves bending down too much)
2/ Canon MP-E 65mm Macro
3/ Standard Canon EFS 18-55mm for landscapes.

Pentax WG3 GPS
A very rugged compact underwater camera that needs washing in freshwater and careful drying after use as the door hinge can corrode quickly, the more it corrodes the less watertight the seal.

Nikon L830
A x34 zoom camera, the best cheap camera I have ever used. Picked up for £110 from Argos on special offer. Good images in macro and zoom, and also very easy to use. A bargin!

David Fenwick with Canon 550D and Sigma 150mm EX DG Macro Lens

The kit used has been designed for versatility. I try not to use a tripod as carrying a tripod around increses weight and is very limiting.

The Pentax WG3 GPS is digital compact camera has proven to be extremely useful for underwater shots of
seaweed and shorelife in rockpools and plants and animals in ponds and rivers.