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Stalked jellyfish (Stauromedusae UK)
Stauromedusae UK is an online resource dedicated to marine animals within the order stauromedusae, species are commonly and collectively known as Stalked jellyfish.

The stauromedusae is an order within the phylum Cnidaria, a phylum which contains more well known animals such as jellyfish, sea anemones and cold water corals.

Stalked jellyfish can be found on algae or rocks in shallow coastal waters and intertidally on shores around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Stalked jellyfish are not that well known or recorded, they can be quite small and are often well camouflaged and have a tendency to appear and literally disappear from rockpools overnight.

There are 10 species that can be found in waters around the UK, of fifty species that can be found globally. Four UK species are protected by law as they are rare globally.

More information on stalked jellyfish can be found on my website Stauromedusae UK.

David Fenwick Photography Stalked jellyfish Stauromedusae UK